Modern and competitive Real Estate Development

Aare builds new and develops existing properties to offer premises highly customised to each tenant’s needs. With our experience, we keep the maintenance costs low while offering you a high-tech building with a premium location in and around Tampere, the second largest growth centre in Finland.

About Aare

Aare owns and manages over 95 500 m2 of commercial area with over 100 tenants in and around the Tampere region in Finland. Properties vary in size and shape and we offer everything from industrial to retail and warehouse spaces. Aare’s real estate portfolio value is 130 million euros.

Our history

The foundation of Aare Invest Oy lies in 2005 when founder Marko Kuusisto did his first real estate development project. “Aare was created between 2005–2016 but officially Aare was established in 2017 and over the years we have earned our reputation as a modern and competitive Real Estate Development Team”, says Marko Kuusisto, CEO & Founder of Aare.

Operating area 

The Tampere region is the largest growth centre in Finland. It has a population of 505,000, making it the second largest
territory in Finland. With its entrepreneur-friendliness, good location and planning activity, the area has been very successful in attracting new citizens, businesses and services in recent years. 

New Premises

Do you have new premises in mind? Our dedicated team is ready to help to turn your idea into new functional premises with low maintenance costs.

Smart, high-tech buildings

We pride ourselves on developing smart, high-tech buildings, always with a sustainable footprint. All our new properties are equipped with a geothermal heating system which significantly reduces the heating costs. Our new properties can also be equipped with solar panels for reducing the energy consumption even more.

Premises for every need

Right from the start, we pay attention to each customer’s unique business needs. We begin planning with mapping of the best location and plot. Our new premises can vary in size and shape and we offer everything from retail, storage, warehouse, restaurant and industrial spaces.

Rental Premises

Lets find you a perfect premise! Check what’s available:

Value through real estate development

Aare’s strengths as a real estate developer are innovation in design, efficient planning and happy tenants. Aare is actively transforming existing commercial properties into high-tech real estate with an optimum location for your business and technical parameters meeting your requirements.

Customised Building Solutions

Aare offers build-to-suit arrangements (BTS) as a value-added service for clients by customising the facility to clients’ specifications and providing the space on long leases. This is a good option for construction of the facility, while still enjoying stable long-term rental rates.


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